End to End UX Research and Everything In-between

We offer a range of services to help companies conduct user research in Thailand. Every team’s needs are different so we’ll work with you to build the perfect research strategy.

We Recruit Test Participants

We recruit and screen local test participants based on the criteria you provide. Testing your user experience with the real target audience is critical for discovering what is important for your users.

We Translate Your Prototype

We will translate your prototype and test instructions into the local language and handle all communications with the users.

We Conduct Tests

We will handle scheduling participants, moderating the tests, gathering feedback and paying users for their time. You don’t need to worry about timezones, tracking test progress, or dealing with foreign currencies, that is our job.

We Consult and Analyze

We can help you design effective tests, understand user test results, understand the Thai market, integrate UX research into your product development flow or conduct full end to end tests for you.

Need to do UX research in Thailand?

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